OCS Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Data Mapping Software

For nearly 20 years, our gulf of mexico mapping software is the easiest mapping database in the industry in nearly every major E&P active in the Gulf of Mexico as well as many service companies.  Our data includes lease info, owners, operators, lease sale info, wells, pipelines, platforms, production, fields, prospects, mapping, well logs shapefiles and much more.

Our offshore Gulf of Mexico mapping system is a relational database specifically designed to search, report, and map almost any piece of digital OCS data in less than a minute. It is organized around subject themes which allow users to focus on an individual item or area of interest such as Area/Block, Lease, Pipeline, Platform ID, Well, Prospect, Field, and Unit. Each theme’s data is linked with other themes through the use of key identifiers such as OCS Area and Block, Lease number, Well API number, Platform ID number, and other links. These key identifiers are used within a uniquely designed navigation system, the Navigator, to search or access data within the database.

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