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Interior Announces Date for Largest Oil and Gas Lease Sale in U.S. History2/20/2018
Oil Claws Back Gains2/19/2018
Goldman: Investors Grow Wary Of Another Oil Price Rally2/19/2018
Shell Announces Large Deep-Water Discovery In Gulf Of Mexico2/16/2018
PetroQuest Energy Announces Sale of Gulf of Mexico Assets; 2017 Estimated Proved Oil and Gas Reserves and Production2/16/2018
U.S. monthly crude oil production exceeds 10 million barrels per day, highest since 19702/16/2018
U.S. Oil Production Is Rising Much Faster Than Expected2/16/2018
ExxonMobil adds 2.7 billion bbl to reserves in 20172/16/2018
US Senate Democrats give floor speeches against draft 2019-24 OCS plan2/16/2018
President proposes $199.9 million for Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement budget for FY192/15/2018
Hail shale, but deepwater oil fights back2/15/2018
Gulf Coast LNG exports soon expected to dominate global market2/15/2018
ExxonMobil adds 2.7 billion bbl to reserves in 20172/14/2018
How soaring U.S. oil exports to China are transforming the global oil game2/12/2018
IADC, FPC weigh in on draft 2019-24 OCS plan2/12/2018
GulfSlope Energy, Inc. Announces Execution of a Drilling Rig Contract2/09/2018
EIA AEO: Total US energy production increases 31% from 2017 to 20502/08/2018
Can We Expect A Rise In Gulf Of Mexico Oil Production?2/07/2018
Northstar Offshore Ventures LLC Acquires Additional Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Assets2/07/2018
Production begins from Stampede field in US Gulf of Mexico2/07/2018