ESRI Shapefiles for the Offshore Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Industry

SHAPEFILE: ESRI format that is a collection of files with ".shp", ".shx", ".dbf", and other extensions. The actual shapefile relates specifically to files with the ".shp" extension, however this file alone is incomplete for distribution, as the other supporting files are required.

Our mapping software allows you to export these shapefiles:

  • Blocks
  • Lease
  • Lease by Blocks
  • Lease with Owners and Operators
  • Fields
  • Areas
  • Planning Areas
  • Pipelines
  • Platforms
  • Well Bottom Locations
  • Well Surface Locations
  • Well Directional Surveys
  • Well Completion Production
  • Restrictions
  • 5/10 Year Line
  • 8g line
  • Coastline
  • Continental Shelf Boundary
  • Fairways
  • State/Federal Line